FAQ 1: Will the Minter Mechanism Have Backdoors?

This is a new series of threads on FAQs. If you have anything unclear with YFII, feel free to post your questions here.

After burning the inflation mechanism by transferring permission to 0x0 (https://burn.yfii.finance/), some community members found that the minter of the contract is a mapping. Theoretically, the minter can execute inflation. While setGovernance just turned the owner permission of, the minter added before can still mint. Thus, it will be significant to know what minter(s) has been added before.

That’s a good question. Actually, I have discussed this issue with John from yieldfarming.info before. As the original owner is my account, then you can see all of the logs and how many contracts it gave the mint permission. Whatever it is internal call or not, as only my account has the permission to add minters, even internal call need to be established by my account.

Mint Access only added two contract addresses:

No one can issue more YFII at will.

You can verify whether my account has deployed any contract not open-source or done some hacks at the link upon.



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